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Production is definitely underway for season 7 of Game of Thrones, as confirmed by the “In-Production Tease” released by HBO during the Game of Thrones panel at the San Diego Comic-Con. The clip, which seems like a teeny-tiny featurette, highlights the meticulous process that goes on behind the scenes in creating the impressive sets, the intricate props, and the lavish costumes before filming takes place. Because actual filming will indeed begin a bit later this year due to climatic reasons. In creator David Benioff’s words: “We’re shooting in places where there are trees. We have to wait until the leaves fall off.” But that doesn’t mean that the teaser doesn’t offer a few details about the upcoming season. Watch it below.

Let’s dive in, shall we? And here’s an obligatory *spoiler alert* for those who haven’t caught up yet but keep on reading news about the show anyway.

It looks like King’s Landing is having a makeover, with Cersei going heavy on the red-and-gold Lannister decor.

And these creepy eye stones suggest that there will probably be a lot of dead bodies in the Cersei-ruled kingdom.

This dude here is writing Sansa’s chair, which is very intriguing.

And everyone keeps asking where in Westeros is Dany sailing to. Here’s the answer.

The teaser ends with the unmistakable voice of Peter Dinklage saying, “Welcome home, my queen.

The panel also showed a short blooper reel in which Peter Dinklage has a difficult time saying the word benevolent, Emilia Clarke messes up her Dolthraki, and Melisandre pulls away Jon Snow’s loincloth. Watch it below.

Finally, here’s the full panel at SDCC.


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